Specialists One Day Surgery Center

190 Intrepid Lane, Syracuse
Phone: 315-498-6200
Fax: 315-498-6462
Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm

SOS Physicians' commitment to excellence continues at Specialists One Day Surgery Center, their locally owned ambulatory surgery center which provides safe and affordable same day surgery for patients. Opened in 2002, this model surgical facility is characterized by professional, caring staff in a comfortable atmosphere which puts the patient and their loved ones at ease. The modern facility provides same day surgery procedures for conditions not requiring hospitalization. Patients have  the same easy access as a simple visit to a private office, where they  can simply drive up, park nearby, and walk in.

SOS’ outstanding staff and full array of modern equipment combine to make Specialists One Day Surgery Center among the best suite of operating rooms in the region, which is evident in our high patient satisfaction ratings. With personal ownership and control, SOS offers patients greater convenience andcost-effective treatment in a compassionate setting.

Specialists One Day Surgery Center is proud to be accredited by the American Association of Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. It is licensed by the Department of Health of the State of New York, and certified by Medicare.

For our Surgical Patients

Pre-Operative Health Questionnaire

Before Your Surgery

An SOS surgeon will arrange the surgery time and date; and the anesthesia department will contact the patientby phone to review their health status. Sometimes an appointment with a patient’s primary care physician is necessary for a full medical examination. Patients will be notified well in advance if any lab work, EKG, or doctor's appointments are needed.

In general, patients will need to follow these instructions:

  • Have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the day of the surgery.

  • Stop taking mega-dose vitamins or herbal medications/supplements ten days before surgery.

  • Take the prescribed medications on the morning of surgery with a small sip of water, as directed by the anesthesiologist. Diabetics should contact their family physician for diabetic medication instructions.

  • This is a great time to quit smoking (recovery and healing will be improved)

The Day of Surgery

  • Do not drive a car or operate machinery for 24 hours after surgery.

  • Patients will need a ride home, both for transportation and the company.
  • Patients will need someone to stay with them for 24 hours.

  • Most patients find loose fitting clothing most comfortable.

  • Leave all of valuables, including jewelry, at home .
  • Remove all rings and piercings.

  • Bring both primary and secondary insurance ID cards..

  • Bring a copy of any healthcare proxies, or advanced directives.

  • Parking at the surgery center is free. Patients can be dropped off at the front door, under the cover.