SOS PLUS is Now Open in Liverpool and DeWitt!

SOS PLUS is a walk-in orthopedic service which treats patients of all ages with acute orthopedic conditions requiring immediate attention, but are not life threatening. Patients are promptly diagnosed and treated, avoiding costly and unnecessary visits to the emergency room. SOS Plus is dedicated exclusively to the treatment of non-emergency orthopedic injuries, such as closed fractures, sprains, sports injuries or recently painful, swollen joints.


SOS PLUS Dewitt 
5719 Parkway, Syracuse, NY 13214
P: (315) 883-5652

SOS PLUS Liverpool
8324 Oswego Road, Suite B, Liverpool, NY 13090
P: (315) 418-4100

Weekdays: 5PM - 8:30PM
Weekends: 10AM - 2PM


Why choose SOS PLUS over ER or Urgent Care for your orthopedic injury?

Our Staff. SOS PLUS is staffed by highly specialized providers, trained to treat your injury.

Our Locations. Easily park steps from our waiting room at either of our two convenient locations. With SOS, you are always close to the care you need.

Our Timeliness. Don’t plan on sitting in a waiting room for hours, our after-hours care boasts average wait times of less than fifteen minutes*.

*Based on a 2017 survey of patients at our SOS PLUS locations. (9% 0 minutes, 35% 1-5minutes, 23% 6-10 minutes, 9% 11-15 minutes, 22% 16-30 minutes, 2% 46-60 minutes)


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