The Coach

The Coach from SOS

Coaching Your Loved One Through Their Surgical Experience

A coach is selected to ensure successful outcomes after surgery- and especially important with a shortened hospital stay. Having a coach helps patients reach their goals faster, with less stress, with motivation and support, and with increased safety.

As The Coach, It Is Important That You Are Available For:

  • Preoperative appointment
  • Preoperative educational class
  • Day of surgery
  • A therapy session to see exercises and transfers
  • To review discharge instructions and medications
  • At home after surgery
  • Follow-up appointments and physical therapy sessions

Some Ways To Help During The Hospitalization:

  • Help your loved one stay motivated and KEEP MOVING
  • Encourage completion of assigned exercises
  • Remind your loved one to use their Inspirex hourly while awake
  • Support your loved one in keeping their pain controlled
  • Ask questions of the team as needed – be an advocate