Patient Itinerary

Listen to the first Hip Today. Home Tomorrow. patient, Lillian Brandt:

Before Your Arrival to the Hospital

  • Preoperative Office visit
    • Sign collaboration agreement
    • Choose your coach
  • Preoperative home assessment and physical therapy evaluation
  • Attend 2 hour education class
  • Receive a letter with time of Preoperative appointment at the testing center
    • Room 115 at the Physician Office Building
    • Anticipate 2 hours for your appointment
  • Start Chlorhexidine baths 5 days prior to surgery
  • Fill postoperative scripts
  • Pack hospital bag- loose fitting clothes, pillow, and sneakers. No valuables!
  • Finalize plans for your ride home the morning after surgery 

Before Your Surgery

  • When you arrive at the hospital you will be directed to 5 North Irving (RCC)
  • A nurse will help you change into a gown and you will have an IV started
  • The nurse will complete your medication list, assessment, and may start an antibiotic
  • When it is closer to your surgery time you will go down to the surgical suite with your coach/family
  • Anesthesia will come talk to you and your family in the holding area
  • Surgery (Coach/Family be given a beeper and brought to the waiting area)
  • You will wake up in PACU (post anesthesia recovery room) where a nurse will make sure you are comfortable and be frequently checking your vitals
  • Once you are stable/awake you will be transferred to 6 South Irving

Day of Surgery (POSTOP DAY #0)

  • Once you wake up you should begin your breathing and leg exercises
  • You will wake up with SCDs and Teds stockings on your legs
  • Work with nurse on your individual pain management plan
  • Use ICE on your hip for 20 minutes every 2 hours
  • Use your Inspirex 10x per hour while awake
  • Physical therapy will see you for your 1st session
    • Get into the chair for at least an hour but no more than 2 hours
    • Begin to walk with assistance
    • Learn bed exercises
  • Drink plenty of fluids so that we may stop your IV
  • Change into your own clothes when you are comfortable
  • Physical therapy will see you for a 2nd session
    • Continue to improve your mobility and distance walking
    • Work on using your assistive device
    • First stair training session
  • Get out of bed and into the chair for dinner

Day After Surgery (POSTOP DAY #1)

  • Manage your pain with oral pain medications
  • Continue to use ice and Inspirex as instructed
  • Continue to perform exercises as instructed
  • Get out of bed for breakfast
  • Physical therapy will see you for a 3rd session
    • Continue to improve mobility and transfers independently
    • Ambulate 100+ feet with assistive device
    • Successfully climb stairs
    • Car transfers independent
  • Ambulate in the hallway
  • Review detailed discharge instructions with your nurse/coach
  • Attend home or outpatient physical therapy session as instructed


  • Continue outpatient physical therapy for 1-2 week post operatively
  • Office visit and suture/staple removal in 2 weeks

Remember: You may ambulate or get up into a chair at any time-ask your nurse for assistance. You do not need to wait for your physical therapy sessions. Once you are safely cleared by your team- you may ambulate and get out of bed independently.