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SOS COVID-19 Health And Safety Guide

In March 2020, a novel coronavirus, commonly referred to as COVID-19, which had been spreading worldwide, hit New York in unexpected numbers, was quickly designated a worldwide pandemic, and has drastically changed the delivery of health care. Following guidelines from the New York State Department of Health, the CDC, the WHO, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists and the Specialists’ One-Day Surgery Center changed many of its daily operations to prioritize the health, wellness, and safety of patients and employees, including postponing surgeries and pausing some services. As New York began allowing various services, including medical to resume, SOS returned to full operations. Patients can expect new procedures to be followed prior to and during their appointments and surgeries. Please discuss all the procedures when speaking to your scheduler and physician.

How SOS is Protecting Our Staff And The Community

SOS COVID-19 information Face Coverings

Wearing Face Coverings is Required.

SOS COVID-19 information Social Distancing

Social Distancing Practices

SOS COVID-19 information Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning Processes

SOS COVID-19 information Ongoing Education

Ongoing Training & Education

SOS COVID-19 information Symptom Screenings

Daily Symptom Screenings for Everyone

SOS COVID-19 information No Visitors

No Additional Visitors with Minimal Exceptions

SOS COVID-19 information Hygiene

Frequent Handwashing & Respiratory Hygiene

Office Visits

  • All patients are required to wear a face covering prior to entering and while inside SOS properties. If patients do not comply, they will be asked to leave.
  • Patients must attend their appointments alone. If a companion is necessary, for physical support or if accompanying a minor, they too must wear a face covering. When critical discussions are occurring with a SOS health care provider, patients are encouraged to call their companion and put the phone on speaker phone. Companions can listen and ask questions.
  • Patients will undergo an enhanced screening, including a brief questionnaire and having temperature taken. All companions must also be screened.
  • Physical distancing will be observed for the safety of patients and employees.
  • After screening and check-in, patients may be asked to return to their car to wait until an exam room is fully sanitized for their visit.
  • Patients and all visitors will be asked to use hand sanitizer and wash their hands regularly.
  • SOS continues to offer Virtual Visits for patients who are more comfortable speaking with a provider from their own home. Learn more about Virtual Visits.


  • SOS is currently performing elective surgeries at Crouse Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital and the Specialists’ One-Day Surgery Center.
  • All patients scheduled for elective procedures will receive a COVID-19 test 3 to 5 days prior to their procedure. The COVID-19 test will be coordinated by the location your surgery is scheduled for.
  • Medical staff and surgery centers are strictly following COVID-19 safety guidelines for disinfecting operating environments.
  • All patients, staff, and others entering the surgical center or hospital site must wear a face covering, maintain appropriate physical distance and follow all other posted safety guidelines.

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

In the months since COVID-19 arrived, we’ve discovered many ways to reduce the spread of the disease:

Physical or "Social Distancing"

SOS COVID-19 information Avoid


  • Group Gatherings
  • Sleep Overs
  • Playdates
  • Concerts
  • Theater Outings
  • Athletic Events
  • Crowded Retail Stores
  • Malls
  • Workouts in Gyms
  • Visitors in your House
  • Mass Transit Systems

SOS COVID-19 information Caution

Use Caution

  • Visit a local Restaurant
  • Visit a Grocery Store
  • Get Take Out
  • Pick up Medications
  • Play Tennis in a Park
  • Visiting the Library
  • Church Services
  • Traveling

SOS COVID-19 information Safe

Safe to Do

  • Take a Walk
  • Go for a Hike
  • Yard Work
  • Play in your Yard
  • Clean out your Closet
  • Read a Good Book
  • Listen to Music
  • Cook a Meal
  • Family Game Night
  • Go for a Drive
  • Group Video Chats
  • Stream a Favorite Show
  • Check on a Friend
  • Check on an Elderly Neighbor

Properly Wearing Face Coverings in Public

Incorrect Ways to Wear a Facemask

SOS COVID-19 information Incorrect Mask Example 1

SOS COVID-19 information Incorrect Mask Example Under nose

SOS COVID-19 information Incorrect Mask Example Loose Mask

SOS COVID-19 information Incorrect Mask Example Gaps in Mask and Nose

Correct Way to Wear a Facemask

SOS COVID-19 information Correct Example Front View

SOS COVID-19 information Correct Example Side View

Regularly and properly washing hangs and using hand sanitizer


Find a Testing Site Near You

Schedule a Covid-19 Vaccine