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The SOS team understands the importance of getting patients relief as quickly as possible, which is why we opened the SOS SHOP for convenient access to quality retail products that boost orthopedic health.

The SOS SHOP provides education and professional fittings in a relaxed atmosphere; and offers a premium line of products to promote total orthopedic health among SOS patients and the Central New York community.

The SOS Shop carries products recommended by our physicians to aid in patient recovery and enhance overall health. Product lines include wound care, foot pain, neck & back pain, nail care and 
footwear including walking sneakers, casual shoes, and fashionable flip-flops.

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Alegria 2020 Catalog

Birkenstock 2020 CatalogSee something you like? Let us special order a style if we don't have it in stock and save you on shipping.

The SOS Shop - Quality Orthopedic Products. Total Orthopedic Care.



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