Corporate Compliance

Compliance Code of Conduct

In keeping with our mission and values, all employees and medical staff are expected to comply with the following guidelines. Instances of non-compliance shall be promptly reported, and appropriate corrective actions shall be immediately taken.

Our employees and affiliated professionals shall:
a. Deal openly and honestly with patients, fellow employees, customers, contractors, government entities and others.
b. Maintain high standards of business and ethical conduct in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations including fraud, waste and abuse.
c. Adhere to both the spirit and letter of applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including the Federal and State False Claims Acts.
d. Practice good faith in transactions occurring during the course of business.
e. Conduct business dealings in a manner such that we shall be the beneficiary of such dealings.
f. Preserve patient confidentiality unless there is written permission to divulge information, except as required by law.
g. Refuse any illegal offers, solicitations, payments, or other remuneration to induce referrals of the people we serve for an item of service reimbursable by a third party.
h. Disclose financial interests/affiliations with outside entities to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee if a conflict of interest is determined.
i. Hold vendors to the same Code of Conduct as part of their dealings with us.
j. Notify his/her supervisor or, in the alternative, the Compliance Officer of instances of non-compliance.
k. Ensure compliance requirements regarding coding and billing are monitored and enforced.
l. Use supplies and services in a manner that avoids waste.
m. Protect and retain records and documents as required by professional standards, government regulations and organizational; policies.
n. Exercise discretion in the coding and billing of services, regardless of payer source.

Please direct any questions to the Compliance Hotline, by calling 315-883-5669.