Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain near syracuse ny from SOS

Shoulder pain may be a result of a serious medical condition. While some medical conditions associated with shoulder pain are more severe than others, it's important to take action before it gets worse.

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Shoulder Pain Causes

There are a wide range of possible shoulder pain causes. Shoulder pain can be caused by many different types of shoulder injuries. Some types of shoulder injuries are more serious than others. Because of this, it's important to see a shoulder doctor to figure out the best care plan for your personal health

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What is a Rotator Cuff?

There are many different types of rotator cuff injuries that can cause shoulder pain. Understanding the basic anatomy of the rotator cuff is important for identifying rotator cuff pain.

The rotator cuff is a part of the shoulder, and is made up of both muscles and tendons. Specifically, the rotator cuff protects the shoulder joint, and allows the arm to be moved over the head. For example, the rotator cuff is important for being able to reach for things above you. This also makes the rotator cuff particularly important when playing certain sports, such as tennis, swimming or basketball.

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