Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

SOS as a medical practice and a contributor to the local community is committed in its support of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

SOS seeks to build patient and team-member relationships among individuals of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual identities that fully represents many cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints and thereby cultivate a culture of tolerance where all feel welcome.

SOS Commits to the Central New York Business Equity PledgeCentral New York Business Equity Pledge

  1. SOS pledges to take actions that will drive equitable change regarding race within our business. SOS understands this is a form of social impact that cannot be ignored.
  2. SOS pledges to dedicate talent and resources to build an inclusive and welcoming work environment that will help retain and attract local and national diverse talent, though professional development and training for leadership and staff on issues of equity and inclusion, and by examining organizational policies and practices.
  3. SOS pledges to collaborate with other organizations and companies to help support the existence of current diversity initiatives designed to identify local talent.
  4. SOS pledges to work with other leaders across the community to understand challenges and barriers to addressing equity.
  5. SOS pledges to work toward transparency in promotion strategies to diversify our leadership.
  6. SOS pledges to actively engage with minority and woman owned enterprises (MWBE) and entrepreneurs of color with a goal of developing strategic partnerships and contracting relationships.