Waterproof Wrist Cast

Waterproof Wrist Cast Snowboarder with Cast on Wrist SOS

The Exos line of products are designed to allow a patient to get their wrist and hand wet while still provide the security of a fiberglass cast for a possible fracture.  The products are heated in a convection oven to make the material malleable, then are custom-fitted to your wrist and hand to provide optimal comfort and support of the fracture site.  The material is also breathable and can get wet, so you are able to shower and swim in the product without fear of ruining the brace.

Product Features:

  • Thermoformable material allows for a custom-fit to the patient allowing for optimal comfort and support while being remoldable to accommodate for swelling associated with acute fractures
  • Breathable, waterproof material allows for decreased skin irritation and lets the patient shower and swim without worrying about cast covers to keep a cast dry
  • The BOA tension system is easy to adjust, allowing for a secure fit over time and reduces the need for multiple casts

Exos Products:

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