How to Make an Appointment with SOS

Considering making an appointment with SOS? Here are a few answers to common questions about SOS:

Does SOS Accept my Insurance?

SOS accepts most insurances. Here is a list of all our insurances. Please have your insurance information on hand when making your appointment with us.

Do I Need a Referral to see an SOS Orthopedic Specialist?

At Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists, you can see many specialists without a referral from your primary care doctor. Check your health plan if you have questions about whether you need a referral. We have specific requirements for those covered under NYS Medicaid plans. Please call the office to inquire.

How do I make an Appointment with SOS?

Appointments can be requested online or by texting “SOSGO” to 313131 to receive a link to request an appointment online. Or you may call any of our offices for assistance in scheduling an appointment.

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Can I Choose Which Specialist I see at SyracuseOrthopedic Specialist?

Yes, you can choose which specialist you want to see, just as you can choose your personal physician. Please keep in mind we have many orthopedic surgeons specialized in specific orthopedic conditions. Please be aware it is possible you may be referred to one of our other sub-specialists if your physician feels it would be best for your treatment and recovery. Use our list of providers to find specialists.

Can I Select a Location to see a Specialist at SOS?

Depending on the service and provider you need, yes. We have 6 orthopedic clinics surrounding Syracuse, 4 physical therapy offices, 2 SOS PLUS walk-in acute ortho care locations, and a surgery center. See all of our locations.

Do you see Second Opinions at SOS?

We do see many second opinions at SOS. Your information will need to be reviewed by the physician prior to establishing an appointment. For the most productive experience possible, please submit any prior treatment you have had on your orthopedic condition such as medical records, imaging reports/CD of x-ray or MRI, and/or operative reports to the SOS physician you wish to see and advise us it is for a 2nd opinion or transfer of care, including your contact information. You may request this appointment online or by calling our office to advise us of what you are looking for.

Is There a SOS Urgent Care or a SOS Walk-In Care Location?

SOS offers SOS PLUS at our DeWitt location and our Oswego Road, Liverpool location. SOS PLUS is a walk-in acute orthopedic care for urgent needs. SOS PLUS treats medical conditions that need prompt attention, but are not life-threatening. Common orthopedic injuries seen at SOS PLUS include closed fractures, sprains, sports injuries or recently painful swollen joints. SOS PLUS is open Monday – Friday: 5PM-8:30PM and Saturday-Sunday: 10AM-2PM. Click for more information about SOS PLUS.

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