Knee Replacement Alternatives

Knee Replacement Alternatives from SOS

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (Partial Knee Replacement)

The knee joint is comprised of three distinct compartments.  It is not uncommon for one  side of the knee or the other to experience wear from osteoarthritis while the remainder  of the knee is unaffected.  In this scenario, rather than replacing the entire knee  (both good and bad compartments), it is possible to least invasive to replace only the  single side impacted by the arthritis.

Patellofemoral Knee Replacement

The third section of the knee is the kneecap and the section in which it glides—the  Patellofemoral compartment.  A small number of patients will have arthritis only in  this segment of the knee.  This section only can be replaced in what is known as a  patellofemaoral joint replacement which allows the ligaments of the knee and the other  two regions to be completely preserved.  The motion of the knee is more natural when only  this compartment is replaced.

Bicompartmental Knee Replacement

In certain instances two of the three compartments of the knee are impacted by arthritis and  a bicompartmental knee replacement targets only two segments rather than all three.  This is favorable because it spares two of the four ligaments' complexes located within the knee.

Satisfied SOS Patients

Dr. Duggal is the best Doctor I have ever had. He explained where my pain was coming from and how to help prevent some of it and an explanation regarding a more permanent fix. Dr. Duggal is a really good person and it is obvious that he cares about his patients.

- Betty L.