• MD NEWS: Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists: Specialist Expertise, Extensive Experience and Patient Convenience

    MD NEWS: Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists: Specialist Expertise, Extensive Experience and Patient Convenience

    SOS is the featured cover story of the 2018 May/June Central New York MD News Magazine Stephen P. Bogosian, MD, confers with a patient. With comprehensive orthopedic offerings and physicians whose expertise spans the spectrum of orthopedic subspecialties, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) provides treatment for the most complex bone and joint conditions. Yet the practice is also community-centric — patients can access high-quality orthopedic care at seven strategically located offices acro

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  • Seth Greenky, MD

    Reflections on My First Day

    By: Seth Greenky, MD Amidst the clutter of half-opened shipping boxes and the chaos of three young boys ages one, three and five happily romping in the configuration of boxes, furniture and other odds and ends as if they were secret tunnels deep within an enemy fort, I took a moment to reflect on what had been and what was yet to be. Years and years of education, training and refinement of my clinical and diagnostic skills were now behind me, and I began to envision what the years ahead as an a

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  • Snowboarding Injuries and Prevention Tips

    Snowboarding Injuries and Prevention Tips

    When US Olympian Shaun White won his third gold medal in the men’s halfpipe run during the 2018 Winter Olympics, fans worldwide cheered at the stunning theatrics of the snowboarder. His skill and agility is inspiring, and many amateur snowboarders will take to their boards and try their own techniques. Snowboarding continues to grow in popularity, but people should be aware of the injury risk it poses, particularly for the foot and ankle. Naven Duggal, MD, a Foot & Ankle Specialist with Syracus

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  • Dr. Nathan Everding

    There’s No Place Like Home: Shoulder Replacement Surgery in 2018 and Beyond

    By: Nathan Everding, MD In the not-too-distant past, the practice of orthopedic surgery was largely centered on patient care within the hospital. Many orthopedic problems required long inpatient hospital stays and even prolonged bedrest. Many fractures were treated with traction; placing a metal pin across a bone and hanging weights off the side of a bed to pull on a fracture, maintaining fracture alignment while the bone heals. Broken bones can take 6 weeks or even longer to heal, so you can i

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  • Winter Sports After Joint Replacement | Snowshoeing

    Winter Sports After Joint Replacement

    It’s winter in Central New York. That means outdoor sports enthusiasts are skiing instead of golfing and skating instead swimming.  For patients who have recently undergone a joint replacement surgery, the transition may not be as easy as replacing one sport with another. The Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists’ (SOS) Joint Replacement Experts caution their patients about high impact winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, and counsel individual patients based on their unique factors, but i

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