• The iFuse Implant System

    The iFuse Implant System

    The sacroiliac (SI) joint is a significant cause of lower back pain. Clinical publications have identified the SI joint as a pain generator in 15-30% of chronic lower back pain patients. In addition, the SI joint is a pain generator in up to 43% of patients with continued or new onset lower back pain after a lumbar fusion. The iFuse Implant System® manufactured by SI-BONE®, Inc. is a minimally invasive surgical SI joint treatment option that provides stabilization and fusion of the SI joint for

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  • National Orthopedic Nurses Day!

    National Orthopedic Nurses Day!

    Today we recognize SOS RNs, LPNs, STs, and MAs on National Orthopedic Nurses Day!

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  • Foot and Ankle Symposium

    Foot and Ankle Symposium

    Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists Continuing Education presents the 2019 Foot and Ankle Symposium. This interdisciplinary event will feature lectures from physicians and Athletic Trainers. The overarching goal of this program is to provide a detailed overview of the foot and ankle complex to improve the knowledge and competence of all participants in managing and preventing injuries in all populations.

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  • Stephanie Hook Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists

    Reflections From A Podiatrist In An Orthopedic Practice

    Three years ago, I was a part of a large podiatry practice, had great patients and loved helping my patients feel better. I had been there for more than eight years and truly thought I’d be a “lifer” there. I thought I was happy.

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  • Naven Duggal, MD

    SOS Proud to Announce Foot & Ankle Specialist, Naven Duggal, MD, Presented Research at the 2019 International Ankle Symposium

    Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists is pleased to announce that Naven Duggal, MD, an orthopedic surgeon on SOS’ Foot & Ankle Team recently presented a research project at the International Ankle Symposium (IAS) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Dr. Duggal, along with his research partners at Harvard Medical School, presented their research, entitled, "Biomechanical assessment of the effect of cavovarus hindfoot alignment on mechanical axis deviation and ankle sprains.” The research looks into the biom

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