• Quick Tips on Preventing Winter Sport Injuries

    Quick Tips on Preventing Winter Sport Injuries

    Snow has been falling in Central New York, just in time for President’s Day and school breaks. It’s time to enjoy winter and the SOS Sports Medicine Team and Athletic Trainers have a few tips for staying safe on the slopes. SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING INJURY PREVENTION TIPS: Take lessons with a qualified instructor before braving the slopes. Learn how to fall correctly and safely. Know safety rules. Understand and abide by all rules. Know general safety rules, such as how to safely stop, merge a

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  • olympic rings

    Dr. Duggal's Research will be presented at the 2020 International Olympic Committee World Conference

    Dr. Naven Duggal’s research will be presented at the International Olympic Committee World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport this March in Monaco. Dr. Duggal and his research partners presentation is entitled “Prevention of ankle sprains, instability and fifth metatarsal fractures: A computer model assessment of the effect of hindfoot deformity on mechanical alignment of the lower extremity” Ankle sprains and fifth metatarsal fractures are common in athletes following inver

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  • Stephanie Hook, DPM

    Recognizing The Benefits Of Collaboration With Our Physical Therapy Colleagues

    By: Stephanie Hook, DPM This Post Has Been Republished From: Podiatry Today I believe that we all want to provide the best possible care for our patients. We spend years gaining our base knowledge and our entire careers adding to and building upon that education and training. We offer as many services and procedures as we can. We hire the best staff and support that we can, and we work with many other specialists to give our patients the best care and outcomes possible. These relationships evo

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  • Anthony Orio, MD

    #AskSOS Dr. Anthony Orio Answers Common Joint Replacement Questions

    Dr. Anthony Orio, SOS Joint Replacement surgeon, answers common questions about Joint Replacement. Should I have my joint replacement procedure now or wait? What is the Recovery Process for The Total Hip or Knee Replacement Procedure? What can I do after I have my hip or knee replaced? When can I drive, fly, and go back to work after my joint replacement?

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  • SOS Joint Registry 2020

    SOS Joint Registry 2020: Hip and Knee Replacement Outcomes Continue to Exceed National Standards

    When people encounter Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) in the community, they usually see a phrase, “Total Orthopedic Care,” which describes how SOS is committed to following their patients through the entire continuum of care including surgery, postoperative care, physical therapy, and recovery care at home. SOS has long been viewed as the experts in orthopedic care in Central New York. Their ongoing patient satisfaction scores indicate patients are overall greatly pleased with their care

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