SOS’ Dr. Timothy Izant Reflects on 20 Years as Chief of Orthopedic Department at Crouse

Shaping Central New York’s Orthopedic Landscape
When asked how many hip and knee replacements he’s done over the years, Timothy Izant, MD, responds, “Too many to count!” Over the last several decades, Dr. Izant has become one of the top go-to orthopedic surgeons in upstate New York.

After serving as the Chief of Orthopedics at Crouse Health for 20 years, Dr. Izant, decided this milestone presented a forward-thinking opportunity: to relinquish the role to actively transition younger surgeons with new perspectives, ideas and energy into leadership positions.

Dr. Timothy Izant

"I’m honored to have been trusted by Crouse to lead my colleagues through the projects on which we have collaborated and the challenges we’ve faced,” says Dr. Izant. “Although I will continue to serve Crouse, its patients, and the Central New York community, I will do so while entrusting others to lead."

Over the years, Dr. Izant and the Crouse team faced many challenges and saw many changes. Through his thoughtful and considerable guidance, Dr. Izant led the orthopedic department along a path of improved patient care, physician experience and quality enhancements. He encouraged the use of evidence-based medicine to help reduce costs and increase efficiencies, while improving outcomes for patients.

A highlight during Dr. Izant's tenure was the creation and implementation of the "Hip Today, Home Tomorrow" program, which changed the culture of mobilization and recovery following joint replacement surgery. The program involves less invasive surgical approaches, combined with extensive collaboration with physical therapists, nurses and discharge coordinators within the hospital, allowing a patient to return to the comfort of their own home and rehab quickly after surgery.

Dr. Izant was an original founder of Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists, where he continues to practice. His colleague at SOS, Todd Battaglia, MD, has assumed the Chief of Orthopedics position at Crouse.