NewsChannel 9's Christie Casciano to undergo total hip replacement

March 4th, 2019

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) - NewsChannel 9’s Christie Casciano has shared her career highlights, and even personal matters, with viewers over the years.  

She’s getting personal once more, to inform our viewers that she will be away from the anchor desk for a few weeks for total hip replacement surgery. 

Over the last six months, Christie said the pain became unbearable. 

Arthritis has taken hold, and she needed a hip replacement. 

Dr. Stephen Bogosian, Christie’s orthopedic surgeon, broke down what her x-rays mean. 

“So you can see there's no space on top, bone on bone. If you look at a normal hip, it's a round ball. She's had arthritis and the reason she had so much pain with this, the ball itself is being ground down, it's like two pieces of sandpaper that are rubbing, so the head is not round anymore, it's flat, it's worn out,” Bogosian explained.

A year ago, Christie tried anti-inflammatory meds, physical therapy, and cortizone shots-- which helped, but only for awhile.

Doctor Bogosian says he does six to eight knee and hip replacements a day, and a total hip replacement is no longer just your grandparents’ surgery.

“We're doing hip replacements in 50, 40, year olds, and sometimes 30 years olds, so your age is not as much a factor as it was before,” Bogosian said. 

Christie said she’s ready to take on the major operation-- a minor setback to get her back out wherever her next assignment takes her.