Q & A with SU Basketball Team Orthopedist Dr. Bradley Raphael

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Dr. Bradley Raphael 

Q: What made you first want to get involved with collegiate athletic teams?

A:  Growing up in Syracuse, I've always been a huge SU fan. SU athletics then became a major component of my family's life when my father became the team physician over 25 years ago.  Once that happened, all of our holiday breaks and weekends were centered around bowl games, basketball and lacrosse tournaments and final fours. I saw how much my father loved his job and his passion for taking care of student athletes.  This is when I realized I not only wanted to become an orthopedist, but wanted to specialize in sports medicine and dreamed of covering Syracuse University teams someday. The last six years have been very special to me as I've been fortunate to work with my father in practice and at the University.

Q: What challenges arise when you deal with collegiate level basketball players?

A: It's important to remember these are student athletes with responsibilities just like any other 18-23 year old college student.  You have to recognize the external pressures regarding return to play after injuries, and It's important to remember that your primary responsibility is a health care provider for these young men and women.

Q: What is a typical game day like?

A: Make sure you don't get stuck in traffic! Often times I get to the game over an hour before tip off to evaluate any injuries or health questions.  During the game you work closely with the medical staff and trainers to evaluate any SU injuries.  During regular season home games, it's also my responsibility to cover the visiting team injuries as well. 

Father and son are pictured below. Dr. Brad Raphael and Dr. Irv Raphael

Dr. Brad Raphael and Dr. Irv Raphael