Thank You Veterans

Thank You Veterans

Say thank you.

It's simple, but it can make an impact. And so many veterans have never heard the words "thank you." If you know a veteran or see someone in a military uniform, say something. It may make his or her day and yours.

Support Clear Path for Veterans.

Clear Path for Veterans, a non-profit organization, is Upstate New York's Veteran Resource Center serving as a hub of information, programs and resources. They have one focus: to help Veterans, active service members and their families. They provide myriad programs and services to make this happen. Each program and service relies on one of three methods: self-empowerment, peer-to-peer support, and community involvement.

Learn more about their programs:  

Learn how you can volunteer: 

Help Honor Flight Syracuse fill future missions.

Honor Flight urgently need veterans to fill future flights. As the World War II generation ages, we are losing more and more of these heroes every day. Many of them have not participated in an Honor Flight for various reasons: they aren't aware of the opportunity, they think it is too costly, they worry about their health, they are unable to apply, or they simply don't believe that they deserve to go.

You can help! FIND a World War II, Korean, or Vietnam era veteran and help them apply. Talk to them about the experience - it is completely free of charge for the veterans. Their health and safety team carefully work with each veteran and guardian pair to ensure the veteran has a memorable and safe experience. All veterans, regardless of when they served, where they served, or if they saw battle deserve this opportunity to be thanked for their service. Visit the Honor Flight website for full details: