Orthotics Department

Orthotics Near Syracuse NY from SOS

In some cases, your physician may prescribe custom-molded orthotics or foot/ankle braces to assist your condition. Our Certified Pedorthist specializes in design and customizing orthotics and AFOs in order to meet those needs.

Specialized Services Provided

All services provided by our Certified Pedorthist are by appointment only.

  • Custom Orthotics fitting (Prescription only)
  • Lower Extremity Brace design and fitting (Prescription only)
  • Diabetic Shoe consultation and fitting (Prescription only)
  • Shoe consultations (By Appointment Only)


Our Certified Pedorthist requires specific forms to be filled out by the physician and the patient in order to provide specialized care for your situation. These are required in order to confirm whether or not your insurance will provide coverage for your situation and if they do not, that you as the patient are fully aware of the cost for the services prior to them occurring.

What is a Certified Pedorthist?

A Certified Pedorthist specializes in custom orthotics, lower extremity bracing, and diabetic shoe consultations and fittings. A Certified Pedorthist can also provide regular shoe consultations to ensure that the shoes you select for your activities are designed to provide the correct support and function for your lifestyle.

Meet SOS' Certified Pedorthist Maureen Kaljeskie

What are the Benefits of Orthotics?

Wearing orthotics can help decrease or eliminate pain from plantar fasciitis, corns, calluses and leg/joint/muscle fatigue. Orthotics can also help improve the fit and function of athletic footwear. SOS has off-the-shelf and semi-custom orthotics available for purchase at the SOS Shop, or your physician can prescribe custom orthotics for you if they are medically necessary.