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Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle Center: 315-883-5881 

foot doctor and ankle surgery from syracuse orthopedic specialists near syracuse nyThe SOS Foot & Ankle team is comprised of experienced foot doctors and foot surgeons serving Syracuse, NY and the surrounding areas. Our Foot & Ankle team provides comprehensive support for patients in Central New York with a unique group of professionals whose expertise allow for total management of a patient’s foot health. Whether you're looking for an ankle specialist or foot doctor near Syracuse, NY, SOS' Foot & Ankle team have the experience and knowledge to provide total orthopedic care for any of your foot or ankle health concerns. The team includes two fellowship-trained, board certified orthopedic surgeons, and the only podiatrists and pedorthist affiliated with an orthopedic practice in the region.

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By bringing together these specialties under one practice, SOS can offer patients services for routine foot care, like an ankle fracture or heel spurs to major surgical procedures such as an ankle replacement.  Patients can have peace of mind knowing that if they have a chronic foot condition, they have an entire team who can serve them and communicate about the best individual treatment.

The SOS Foot Doctor & Ankle Doctor Team’s expertise encompasses:

  • Ankle Replacements
  • Ankle fractures, strains, sprains and instability
  • Bunions
  • Hammer Toe
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Achilles tendon tears or ruptures
  • Overuse injuries

And treatments, including:

  • Splinting, bracing or casting
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections
  • Foot taping or padding
  • Physical therapy
  • Customized orthotics, lower extremity bracing and diabetic shoes


In addition, our podiatrists may be able to help with certain foot  health concerns. 

The Experts in Ankle Surgery

Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists' commitment to total orthopedic care provides patients with an extensive choice of alternatives to ankle surgery. However, in cases where ankle surgery is inevitable, you'll be reassured that you or your loved one is in the hands of the best ankle surgery team near Syracuse, NY.


Looking for a Foot Surgeon Near Syracuse, NY? Look No Further.


As well as professional, experienced medical care from our team of ankle surgeons, Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists' patients can also expect comprehensive care from a qualified foot surgeon.


SOS Specializes in Diabetic Foot Care Services.


When you have diabetes, it’s easier to prevent problems than to treat them later on. Scheduling regular checkups with your foot care doctor will help ensure problems are caught earlier and a treatment plan can be made.

  Learn more about our Diabetic Foot Care services in Syracuse, NY.


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Satisfied SOS Patients

I would like to commend you and your staff for the excellent services that have been provided to me throughout my meniscus surgery process with Dr. Cooke. We were apprehensive about dealing with such a big organization but have found that your systems are very efficient, and your staff is very friendly. For example, I did not have my prescription with me when I went for physical therapy last week. The therapist called and got it in less time than it took me to complete the one-page information sheet. He said that was a first for him!!

Once again, thank you for a very pleasant and professional experience.

Donald B.

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