Wrist Tendinitis

What is Wrist Tendinitis?

Wrist tendinitis develops when a tendon (which connects muscle to bone) becomes inflamed. This inflammation can result in wrist pain.

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Wrist Tendinitis Symptoms

Common wrist tendinitis symptoms include:

  • Wrist pain, particularly wrist pain that aches when moving the hand or wrist
  • Wrist tenderness
  • Swelling

Wrist Tendinitis Causes

Wrist tendinitis is a common overuse injury. This means that wrist tendinitis is often caused by repeating a specific movement frequently over a long period of time. For example, certain occupations or hobbies may cause wrist tendinitis from repetitive motions.

Because of this, wrist tendinitis is common for people who participate in the following sports:

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Basketball
  • Baseball

Wrist Tendinitis Treatment

Depending on severity, wrist tendinitis treatment options may include:

Wrist Tendinitis Surgery

If other wrist tendinitis treatment options do not provide sufficient wrist pain relief or condition improvement, wrist tendinitis surgery may be necessary.

SOS wrist surgeons are experienced in performing wrist tendinitis surgery.

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