SOS Surgeons and Staff with Operation Walk NY in Ghana

Operation Walk

For the first time since 2019, Operation Walk New York is currently on a medical mission in Ghana to provide joint replacements to patients without other access or means to have life changing surgeries. Seth Greenky, MD, co-executive founder of the local chapter of Operation Walk, is once again leading the trip. The Operation Walk missions have been on hiatus due to the effects of Covid on travel. Dr. Greenky will be joined by other volunteers from SOS including surgeons Max Greenky, MD, Stephen Bogosian, MD, and Warren Wulff, MD, as well as, Kim Murray, RN, Jim Colone, Melissa Swistak, surgical technician, Melissa Patnella, PT, DPT, and Sasha Caserta, RN.

“Op Walk has been near and dear to the hearts of many at SOS,” commented Mike Humphrey, CEO, SOS. “It is wonderful that Dr. Greenky and the team could return to Ghana to perform surgeries. With travel and so much else upended during Covid the team couldn’t go for a few years. They are now back to helping people in debilitating pain and providing inspiration to others.” The team hopes to perform surgeries for a few dozen patients in desperate need while they are in Ghana. The team expects to head home on November 19 after 10 days of travel and work.

Op Walk Carrying Item

Operation Walk is a not-for-profit, volunteer medical services organization that provides free surgical treatments for patients in developing countries and in the United States. These patients suffer from debilitating bone and joint conditions, such as arthritis, and do not have access to medical care.

Operation Walk New York, the 13th branch of the organization, started in November 2010.  In addition to the global missions, Operation Walk New York also provides free care to local residents through its initiative.

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