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    SOS PLUS Hours Expansion

    Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) will be expanding the hours of operation for SOS PLUS, a walk-in orthopedic medical clinic that treats patients with urgent orthopedic injuries and conditions. SOS Plus is located at 5719 Widewaters Parkway in Dewitt. Beginning January 22, SOS PLUS will be open weekdays from 12:45PM-4PM, and 5PM-8:30PM. It will also be open weekends from 9AM-1PM. A walk-in clinic for urgent orthopedic injuries, SOS PLUS treats patients with acute orthopedic conditions req

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  • Dr. Aaron Bianco

    Dr. Aaron Bianco Recently Performed 550th Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

    Dr. Aaron Bianco recently completed his 550th sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion procedure using the iFuse Implant System® (iFuse). iFuse, the only SI joint fusion device with multiple RCTs and prospective clinical publications, is used to treat patients experiencing symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. One of a growing number of surgeons specially trained in this type of procedure, Dr. Bianco was trained to perform the iFuse procedure in 2011, and he has treated patients with SI joint pain from

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  • enjoying winter sports safely orthopedic specialists near syracuse ny girl snowboarding

    Enjoying Winter Sports Safely

    Winter is officially here and the team at Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) encourages you to enjoy winter sports safely to avoid injury. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) recently released tips for protecting your bones and joints while participating in outdoor winter activity.

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  • 2023 SOS and SOS PLUS Holiday Hours

    2023 SOS and SOS PLUS Holiday Hours

    SOS and SOS PLUS 2023 Holiday Hours Friday, 12/22/2023 SOS Open 8:00AM-12:00PM SOS PLUS Open 12:30PM-4:00PM (change in hours) Saturday, 12/23/2023 SOS Offices Closed SOS PLUS Open 9:00AM-1:00PM Sunday, 12/24/2023 SOS Offices Closed SOS PLUS Closed Monday, 12/25/2023 SOS Offices Closed SOS PLUS Closed Tuesday, 12/26/2023 SOS Offices Open SOS PLUS Open 5:00PM-8:30PM Saturday, 12/30/2023 SOS Offices Closed SOS PLUS Open 9:00AM-1:00PM Sunday, 12/31/2023 SOS Offices Closed SOS

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  • Dr. Brad Raphael - SU Basketball Team Orthopedist

    Q & A with Syracuse University Basketball Team Orthopedist Dr. Brad Raphael

    We recently spoke with Dr. Brad Raphael about his role as Syracuse University Basketball Team Orthopedist. Q: What made you first want to get involved with collegiate athletic teams? A:  Working with Syracuse University athletics has always been a dream of mine.  I had the privilege of growing up in a family where my father was team physician for Syracuse University for over 25 years.  At the time, he covered all their sports.  We would travel with the football team for bowl games during Chr

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